The Company

La Misericordia S.A. is a Paraguayan agroindustrial company that produces, industrializes and trades non-traditional commodities better known as superfoods. La Misericordia’s main objective is to offer quality products and proved traceability, while fulfilling the most demanding national and international food norms.

One of La Misericordia S.A.’s main activities is the production of chia seeds. Three years ago, the company decided to allocate more than 3,000 hectares to the production of this superfood. This production is concentrated in the northern part of Paraguay, about 350km from the Capital, Asunción.

The company carries out its agricultural activities in its own landholdings, which are currently undergoing the certification process for Best Agricultural Practices (BPA).

The supporting group behind La Misericordia S.A. has years of experience in the agribusiness sector in Paraguay. Here, they have managed to identify the benefits of the country’s insuperable climatic conditions for agricultural production as well as its privileged geographic location, which allows the company to have easy access to the region’s main ports through both its terrestrial and fluvial logistical connections.